Friday, December 16, 2016

Marketing and Technology for Individuals:

Marketing and Technology for Individuals:

When individuals involved in any form or diversified system of entrepreneurial investment, it takes two which are: The consumer and the producer. In other words, the buyer and the seller. Therefore, we can say that marketing comes to play when the business owner communicates with his/her customers in order to achieve a primary and fundamental goal of product-selling. Marketing does not only apply to an individual involved in business it also involves an business organization or institution because it enables them to sell the goods and services to other companies and make profit, which is the sole aim of every business. . Marketing can also involve advertising of products to the consumers in order to convince them to continue purchasing the product because sometimes their interest seems to die down for a while because of what they do so the only reasonable and ethical way of getting their attention is through marketing and technology. Marketing involves thinking about how to satisfy customer's need and satisfaction. Why entrepreneurs do this is to be able to exchange their money with the value which is the product. Technology in business means strong dependency on information technology of different types to handle and optimize business endeavors of man. It consists of wide range of software, hardware that keeps different countries running and enhance their ability. It plays a very important role in businesses in areas like customer care, accounting department, products design and development. This business technology disguises small-scale business and makes them look bigger than they are and also keep them ahead in competitive business grounds. This technology has its own impacts in business like the improvement of speed I.e increase in the efficiency of service to the customers. Also, technology in business aids sharing of files in a modern manner across organization. technology in business helps in storage of information for future uses and makes the stored information to be accessed at any given time. Also, relating to automation in technology we can say that it's cheaper because places that were to require extra workers who will also be paid would be replaced by a computer program that will run that duty without much help. Ways in which technology helps a business: Executives of a company or organization are required to make thousands of decisions and sometimes some of these petty decisions tend to draw them back so it's easier to use the shortcut by filling in the database and allow the computers to complete the job.

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