Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Berlin Limo Company to Pay Drivers $500,000 in Back Wages

Below is the first part of an article by Ari Mason from It reads….
A limousine company based in Berlin will pay $500,000 in damages and back wages to nearly 200 drivers who the Department of Labor says were not properly compensated for the overtime they worked.
The Department of Labor and S.D. Transportation Services LLC, the parent organization of Premier Limousine, settled a lawsuit today that the government agency filed in March 2012.
The suit was sparked by a Dept. of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigation revealing that the company had underpaid drivers in violation of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, according to a release from the DOL.
Investigators reportedly learned that sedan, limousine and SUV drivers had been paid straight time for time worked beyond 40 hours per week, rather than the legally mandated time-and-a-half overtime compensation, according to the DOL.
The DOL also alleges that Premier Limousine payroll records did not accurately document employees’ daily and weekly hours.
Premier Limousine released the following statement in response to the settlement:
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