Monday, June 30, 2014

Catawba Co. DA speaks out about lawsuit filed by former employee

Below is the first part of an article by Chris Dyches from It reads…
The Catawba County District Attorney is speaking out about a lawsuit filed against him by a former employee alleging sexual misconduct and discrimination. 
The lawsuit was filed against Jay Gaither in federal court on Thursday afternoon by former Assistant District Attorney Whitney Nicole Shaffer
The lawsuit claims that Gaither made sexual advances towards Shaffer, sent her inappropriat text messages and often made her feel intimidated by the things he said to her.
"I have made a public statement regarding the true circumstances of my former employee’s departure from my office," Gaither said in a statement on Friday afternoon.
"At this time I believe it is incumbent upon her to address the issue of whether she had a sexual relationship with a married defense attorney who regularly appeared as opposing counsel in her Court," Gaither’s statment continued. "I believe she owes that to the voters of this district."
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